Transportation and Shipping Solutions from Thailand to Iraq

Embark on a journey of efficiency and reliability with Silkroad Logistics. As a leading global logistics provider, we specialize in air and sea freight services tailored to your cargo needs. From timely air freight deliveries with customs expertise to cost-effective sea freight solutions covering more than 350 destinations, Silkroad Logistics is your trusted partner for streamlined transportation from Thailand to Iraq.

Transportation from Thailand to Iraq
Air Freight from Thailand to Iraq

Air Freight from Thailand to Iraq

Silkroad Logistics, as a major global Air Freight Forwarding Company, takes delivery responsibilities seriously. As one of the leading air freight forwarders, we ensure timely and secure shipments to any destination worldwide through strategic alliances with prime carriers across major commercial destinations.

Air Freight Services from Thailand to Iraq

  • Customs Clearance (DDU & DDP shipments)
  • Transport Insurance
  • Pallatizing & Labelling
  • Packing & Re-packing
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Bonded warehouse storage
  • Short-term storage
  • Import handling anddelivery services
  • Cargo Air charter services

Transportation and Shipping Solutions from Thailand to Iraq with Silkroad Logistics

Our multi-modal connections offer a winning combination of sea freight economy and air freight speed, allowing you to take advantage of the speed of air freight and the cost effectiveness of ocean freight, so that you can make the most out of the combination. Our customers have benefited from our outstanding strength in air and ocean freight as well as our real-time visibility services at every step, from pick-up to delivery.

Sea Freight from Thailand to Iraq

Sea Freight from Thailand to Iraq

Sea transport is a vital element in strong global supply chain management, and Silkroad Logistics, as one of the leading Sea Freight Forwarders, offers efficient sea freight solutions tailored to your needs. From Full Container Loads (FCL) to Less than Container Loads (LCL) on major global ports, we guarantee transit times and manage all logistics procedures related to your international imports and exports.

As a dependable Sea Freight Forwarding Company, we handle logistics procedures, select appropriate transport carriers and equipment, ensure suitable and safe packaging for sea transport, and take responsibility for reliable shipping. With Consolidation as our core competency, we provide unmatched services with global network coverage and direct consolidations to over 350 destinations.

At Silkroad Logistics, we’ve invested significantly to support services like Consolidation, ensuring quality services at competitive prices for our customers.

Our Sea Freight Services from Thailand to Iraq Include:

  • FCL Container Services
  • LCL Container Services
  • Direct consolidations covering more than 350 destinations worldwide
Reach out to us today to learn more about how our comprehensive transportation solutions from Thailand to Iraq can elevate your logistics operations.
Efficient Transportation & Shipping from Thailand to Iraq - Silkroad Logistics
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