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Silkroad For Logistics ltd. Global Freight Forwarder Company Based in UK & IraqBringing our expertise on board will take the guesswork out of managing your business logistics requirements

whether it is port to port or door to door. When it comes to DAP/DDP/DDU pricing we remain UNBEATABLE…
Our shipping & Logistics company focus is on ensuring that all our customers receive only the best in customer service representation and competitive pricing with Air and Sea freight to ensure that you receive prices and services that work for you.

Silkroad For Logistics LTD. Is an UK limited company and is involved in the International Freight Forwarding business which broken up in four segments being:

Our company is backed by the global negotiating strength of selected agencies around the globe to bring you 24/7 support and experience from the very first day.

Projects done
Clients Worlwide
People in Team

In line with our quality policy, we are constantly developing with our expert staff to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with our logistics service.

Thanks to the management system

we have developed in accordance with the goals and activities of our company, which we have created, where we provide logistics & shipping services, bonded and duty-free warehousing services, we are advancing the process management flawlessly. In addition, we aim to keep customer satisfaction at 100% by placing our customers at the focal point of the services we provide.

We are aware that our service quality

should be in a dynamic structure in order to always satisfy our customers. For this reason, we continue to work on improvement and development in every area we serve. Thanks to the steps we have taken to ensure that the entire process is efficient and fast, we manage the warehousing, shipping and logistics services perfectly.

We are aware that our employees

are of great importance in all activities. That’s why we continue our continuous training in order to always add new ones to the experience of the expert staff we have created.
We always produce forward-looking solutions and strategies with our quality standards and good service understanding, aiming to minimize risks in every field.

We stand out with our innovative identity

in our quality policy. We always follow the changing technology and make investments. By increasing our service quality with new systems and tools, we ensure that customer companies save time and receive a perfect service.

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Silkroad Logistics: Global Freight Forwarder company in Iraq
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