Frozen Food Transportation to Iraq

Frozen Food Transportation to Iraq

Silkroad Logistics specializes in cold transportation of fresh and frozen food.

fresh and frozen fish, seafood, meat and meat products, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical raw materials, canned food, chocolate, flowers, milk and dairy products, ice cream, bakery products and additives, wet .

We offer  both high quality and the most economical refrigerated transportation service with our expert staff in the field of  refrigerated transportation

with complete and partial transportation service to all export and import companies.

Frozen Food Logistics to Iraq

that require the transfer of vegetables, fruits, landscaping plants, tropical fruits and chemicals that require temperature control .

for this reason, Our customers are happy with the understanding of high quality and low cost above the standards in the storage, transportation and distribution of your cold and frozen products. 

We guarantee that we will always carry your loads in a constant cold .

Our refrigerated shipments contain sensitive cargoes such as fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh and frozen fish and medicines. 

Our transports are by road from all European countries and Turkey to Iraq.

hence, All our vehicles have tracking systems that show the temperature of the load and the location of the vehicle.  

Silkroad Logistics, with its strong infrastructure and the most suitable services to meet the needs of its customers, provides services to Iraq for transports requiring precise temperature control from -25 to +25 degrees.

Moreover, we will transport with FRC certified trailers in accordance with different temperature ranges .

we shall monitor the temperature in the trailer during transportation remotely . Where Our shipments are covered by CMR insurance .

Silkroad Logistics provides transportation services with its environmentally friendly high model vehicles with the latest Euro norms.  

Lastly , we can say the reefer or refrigerator shipments are under full control by our team by all means .

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