Partial Shipping From UK To Iraq


Partial shipping from UK to Iraq

From one small parcel right through to full shipping containers we can meet all your general freight needs and more.

Hence, Our specialist teams meet your requirements for hazardous goods, perishables, fragile items, liquids, fashion, or government services.

Our CONSOL CARGO TO IRAQ service offer you a consolidated container service for general cargo shipments from 187 ports worldwide.

most of them with direct services to Um Qaser port without transshipment for even faster transit times.

Door to Door shipping

We consolidate all of our import general cargo shipments in Jebel Ali and Istanbul and depart daily by truck or vessel to Iraq.

where we clear your shipments through customs within 24 hours and deliver the following day.

This means that your LCL shipments can be planned almost to the day, from collection at the factory through to delivery,

thereby providing a more accurate supply chain.

Our formula for a unique service for your ocean cargo from all over the world.

not only-but also in cooperation with our international networks.

we can offer you a very cost-effective and reliable service for your LCL cargo shipments from 187 ports world-wide.

Especially for the ‘exotic’ and less frequented ports, our CONSOL CARGO TO IRAQ service offers a sensational price / performance package.

Transit times based solely on ‘port to port’ are common. However, we guarantee transit times ‘port to your door’ due to our consolidation service in Jebel Ali ,

Furthermore where we bring your cargo with our own truck to our transshipment warehouse in Baghdad and Erbil 3-5 times a week.

In fact, even before the goods have departed, we can tell you to the day, the exact arrival date of your cargo at your warehouse.

Give us a call and we will be more than happy to tell you more about it :

Baghdad – Erbil – Basra – Sulaymaniyah

Tel : + 964 770 922 8844

Email : [email protected]

Partial shipping from UK to Iraq - Silkroad Logistics
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